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Dinah Eastop

Dr. Dinah Eastp pracuje v Textile Conservation Centre (TCC), the University of Southampton, The National Archives (of the UK government) and ICCROM, the CollAsia and the Sharing Conservation Decisions programmes. Je akreditovanou konzervátorkou a restaurátorkou (ACR) voleným členem the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FIIC).

Zabývá se rozvojem inter-disciplinírního výzkumu a stala se zakládající ředitelkou AHRC Research Centre for Textile Conservation and Textile Studies (2002-2007). Také iniciovala společných výzkum probíhající mezi TCC and the University of Southampton’s Department of Engineering on In situ damage detection for historic tapestries using engineering techniques (£386,000; 2007 to 2009; PI Lennard). Eastop je spoluautorkou publikace Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation spolu s Á. Tímár-Balázsy (1998; reprinted 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007) a spolueditorkou publikace Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice (with K. Gill, 2007).

Zabývá se:

I am interested in the changing roles of textiles and dress, of museum and archive collections, and sites, and the effect of these changing roles on conservation and curatorial decisions. My PhD research linked the physical nature of objects to their cultural dynamics. I have analysed the principles and practice of conservation by identifying and studying anomalous artefacts, e.g. garments found in caches and string figures (cat’s cradles), and the effects of ‘significance assessment’.

V současné době pracuje na:

  • exploiting the www for data collection and research dissemination, and facilitating interactive, online access to collections, e.g. by polynomial texture maps (PTMs)
  • leading the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project


Eastop, D., Bűlow A. E. and Brokerhof, A. W. 2012. Design, Digitisation, Discovery: Enhancing Collection Quality. Studies in Conservation 57, Supplement 1: IIC Vienna Congress 2012 [The Decorative. Conservation and the Applied Arts] S96-S102.
Eastop, D. 2012. String-figure making. Processes of objectification and embodiment. In: S. Dudley, et al. (eds) Material Worlds: Objects, Museums and Heritage. London: Routledge, 17-24.
Brooks M. M. and Eastop, D. (eds) 2011. Changing Views of Textile Conservation. Readings in Conservation Series. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute, 658pp.
Eastop, D. 2011. Conservation practice as enacted ethics. In: J. Marstine, ed.The Routledge Companion to Museum Ethics. Redefining Ethics for the Twenty-First Century. London: Routledge, 426-444.
Eastop, D. 2010. History-making and the conservation of garments concealed within buildings. In: C. Richardson and T. Hamling (eds) Everyday objects: medieval and early modern material culture and its meanings. Aldershot: Ashgate, 145-156.
Eastop, D. and Morris, B. 2010. Fit for a princess? Material culture and the conservation of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. In: F. Lennard and P. Ewer, eds. Textile Conservation: Recent Advances. Oxford: Elsevier, 76-84.
Eastop, D. 2009. The cultural dynamics of conservation principles in reported practice. In: A. Richmond and A. Bracker (eds). Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths. Oxford: Elsevier, 150-162.
Lennard, F.J., Eastop, D.E., Ye, C.C., Dulieu-Barton, J.M., Chambers, A.R. and Khennouf, D. 2008. Progress in strain monitoring of tapestries. Proceedings of the ICOM Committee for Conservation, New Delhi, 843-848.

zdroj informací: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/people/staff/honorary/eastop

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